Who We Are

Immotor is an innovative technology company that is committed to the research and development of the world‘s first intelligent portable personal transportation device. Immotor owns the primary technology of the “Super Battery”, a revolutionary green smart battery with a programmable operating system enabling extreme portability, safety, convenience and multi-functionality.

Our Mission

Immotor’s mission is to become a pioneer and leader in the intelligent personal transport market using its own “Super Battery”, a revolutionary green power management system.

Our Vision

At Immotor, our vision is to create a more convenient life for consumers around the world while reducing our environmental footprint by offering a wide range of innovative products, powered by the most intelligent and environmental friendly battery management system.

Our Values


We stay inquisitive through the pursuit of knowledge, new technology and creative solutions.


We innovate with passion and courage to redefine the future of mobile life with intelligent green power.


We seek inspiration from real customer needs and we inspire customers to become environmental stewards while enjoying the convenience provided by new green power technology.


We strive to act with honesty and comply with ethical and legal standards.

“My dream is to redefine the intelligent personal vehicle space, while contributing to a more sustainable world for future generations. We’ve taken the first step by creating the Immotor GO, the pioneer of future personal transportation.”

Daniel Huang, Founder & CEO

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Immotor China

Room 202, Autumn Valley, Mei Sheng creative valley, No.10 Longchang Road, Baoan District Shenzhen



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